About Us

GADGETS SERVICE CENTER is the consumer electronics repair service center, which offers its services to all the national, international branded and local branded electronic automotives that are seen in every home in this generation. As, the technology has been growing beyond its limit and spreading its usage all over the world. At this time because of continuous usage of the product makes them wear out and the functionality has been damaged. To repair the damaged product, we improve the functionality of the product and assure that it will not be problematic again in the future.


The repair service offered by our experienced and highly professional technicians makes you step into our GADGETS SERVICE CENTER again and again if any of your household automotive devices are not working properly. We provide our repair services for Refrigerators, TeleVisions, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Laptops, Desktops, Digital Cameras of any type and any brand. We are hub for the home based electronic gadgets.

Get your gadgets repaired at www.gadgetsservicecenter.com for neat and clean service for your valuable household automotive products.